Company Information

RJ Works Sdn Bhd is the distributor of Silkcoat paint in Malaysia. RJ Works is MOF registered Building Material Supplier and Building Contractor focusing on the Silkcoat paint application as an economical way of promoting healthy and aesthetic ambiance as well as eco friendly. RJ Works provide training for Silkcoat application as what required by the dealers and agents. RJ Works also have the team of applicators as and when required by the end user.

Our Mission

To provide clients with odourless, durable and easy to use product. In a long term, clients saves money on the repainting cost as well as to enjoy the long term beauty of the wall and value-add to the property. Cooling effect of the Mineral stones and silkplaster provide natural indoor cooling effect as a result there will be less usage of air conditioner to go green. Some of the Silkcoat product isolate sound to reduce disturbance.

    Decorative Paints Specialist

    At RJ Works Sdn Bhd, our paint colors are customisable to meet our clients’ needs. We specialise in decorative paints that come in a range of exotic colors and textures. The application of our luxurious decorative paints require the use of specific tools and technical expertise. We also carry Silkcoat’s mineral stone, silkplaster and silkolight series. Our products are suitable for those who seek to achieve unique aesthetics, durability and sustainability.