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Pure Acrylic binder-based matt exterior elastic exterior paint.  Paint is sold in 5 kg / pack with a coverage of 220 square feet of wall.

Purchase of tools are optional but recommended. For custom colours not given below, please contact us 

Please choose the color code and select whether tools is required or not. 

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Pure Acrylic binder-based matt exterior elastic exterior paint

Properties: Elasticoat Paint, which has superior flexibility, does not crack thanks to its elastomer feature. It is resistant to sun rays (UV), rain, snow and industrial effects. Besides being easy to apply, it has excellent closing and adhesion properties.

Application Areas: It can be applied on all clean and dry exterior surfaces that have been prepared for the ground.

Technical Information

Structure: Pure Acrylic

Consumption: Single Layer: 6- 10 (m² / lt), 100-170 (g / m 2 )

Thinner: Water

Thinning Rate: 10 – 15%

Density: 1.58 ± 0.05 (g / ml)

Drying Time: Touch 15 – 20 min; Dust Free 1 hour; Full Dry 24 hours

Viscosity: 120 KU ± 10 (23 º C)

pH (25 o C): 8 – 9


15 lt, 2.5 lt plastic bucket.


The application surface should be cleaned from all kinds of dust, rust, dirt, oil and old paint residues. After the cracks on the surface are smoothed and sanded with Silkcoat External Putty, Silkcoat Acrylic Primer should be applied to obtain a clean, dry and solid surface. Elasticoat Paint is diluted with 20-30% of the first coat and 10-15% of the second coat and applied in 2 coats by roller, brush or spraying method. Wait at least 2 hours between coats depending on the air temperature. After the application, the tools should be cleaned with water immediately. On newly plastered surfaces, at least 28 days should be waited before applying paint to the surface. The paint should be mixed until it becomes completely homogeneous before use. Ambient and surface temperature should be between + 5ºC and + 35ºC during the application and product drying period.

Storage:  It can be stored in a cool, clean and dry environment for at least 1 year without exposure to direct sunlight and opening of the product container.

Safety And Environment

Warnings: S2: Keep out of the reach of children. S24 / 25: Avoid contact with skin and eyes. S46: If swallowed, seek medical advice immediately; show the container or label. Store the product in a tightly closed container. Do not pour into the sewer.

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