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Palace Gold

Palace Gold


Palace is a Pure Acrylic Emulsion Based, nacre additives, decorative interior wall paint grained structure with pearl effect. Paint is sold in 3 kg / pack with a coverage of 120 square feet of wall.

Purchase of tools are optional but recommended. For custom colours not given below, please contact us

Please choose the color code and select whether tools is required or not. 

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Palace is a Pure Acrylic Emulsion Based, nacre additives, decorative interior wall paint grained structure with pearl effect.


  • Thanks to its nacre structure, bright as pearl and matt, Palace offers a special image of the texture, allowing for different pattern applications. 
  • Due to it being water-based sandy and having a metallic appearance, it gives the possibility to reflect your wall with coolness and splendour.



  • All pre-painted surfaces can be applied to interior surfaces such as concrete, plaster, black plaster, betopan, glass textured and paintable wallpaper.

Technical Information

Coverage (for 3kg):  15 m² / 160 sq ft

Thinner: No thinning, ready to-use

Drying: Touch dry: after 15-20 min,

Dust repulsive: after 1-1.5 hour,

Hard dry: after 24 hours


Package Includes:

  1. 1 x 3kg of Palace Effect Paint (160 sq ft)
  2. 1 x Palace Primer Pack for 160 sq ft
  3. 1 x Silkcoat Putty Primer (in case of old putties on surfaces)
  4. 1 x Silkcoat Izolac Pack (where the surface is gypsum plaster)
  5. 1 x Roller and Brush (for primer and Palace application)
  6. 1 x Palace Decorative Application Tool
  7. 2 x Drop sheets (for floor and furniture protection)
  8. 2 x Masking Tape Rolls
  9. 6 x sheets sandpaper (2 x 100 grain, 2 x 80 grain, 2 x 70 grain)
  10. 1 x sanding block

Instructional Videos



  • The application surface should be free from all kinds of dust, dirt and oil.
  • A clean, dry and solid surface should be obtained after lightly smoothing the blistered and old painted surfaces. 
  • If necessary, defects and cracks on the surface should be repaired with Silkcoat Internal Acrylic Putty. If the surface to be applied is flattened with gypsum plaster, Silkcoat Izolac should be used on the surface before Silkomatt application, Silkcoat Universal Primer on old painted, dirty or synthetic painted surfaces; Silkcoat Putty Primer should be used on surfaces with the putty application.



  1. Ambient and surface temperature should be between + 5ºC and + 35ºC during application and product drying
  2. Before using Palace, it should be mixed until it becomes completely homogenous
  3. If applied on very bright and glassy surfaces, a solid surface should be formed by sanding the surface first to ensure better adhesion.



  • Silkomatt is applied as a single layer in the final coat as the same colour with Palace. Silkcoat Palace is applied, according to the desired pattern, with the help of a brush by taking a little amount of product with the brush’s edge.
  • When the product is about to dry, the liquid on the sand is removed with a clean, thick brush by slightly pressure. 
  • Thus, while the sand is taking its matte appearance, the subfloor will be gaining a glossy image. 
  • Tools should be cleaned immediately after application. 

Safety And Environment


  • Avoid getting eye and skin contact. In case wash  with plenty of water
  • If swallowed, seek medical advice immediately; Show the container or label.
  • Preserve in a tightly closed container
  • Keep out of the reach of children


  • Dispose of properly by washing all equipment and disposing of buckets etc in plastic recycling unit – DO NOT DUMP INTO SEWER SYSTEM



  • Keep in a cool and clean place away from direct sunlight NB: It can be stored  unopened 1 year  at room temperature
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